Automatic Gearbox Tuning

Much like the engine is controlled by the ECU, automatic transmissions have their own control unit known as a TCU (Transmission Control Unit). We can offer TCU software remapping to get the most out of automatic transmissions. We cover the majority of gearboxes with our TCU Upgrade, which gives the following benefits over and beyond our engine remapping:

– Faster and Smoother transitions between gears (Up to 20% faster than standard)
– Earlier torque convertor lock up
– Quicker reaction time to manual gear shift inputs
– Launch control adjustments (Where Applicable)
– Increased torque limiters

We can also carry out other DSG software changes so you get more control over the gearbox. We can disable automatic kick down in ‘Manual’¬†mode and raise the RPM limit set in the DSG software, where it would normally force you to upshift.

Gearbox tuning is the perfect addition to our engine software, giving you an all-round driving transformation.
We offer bundle deals when carrying out engine and gearbox remaps at the same time. Drop us a message us on the Contact Page to find out what we can offer you!