Engine Tuning

We take huge pride in our ECU software, which is why all software is meticulously calibrated and thoroughly tested. All of our files are custom written for your car and needs, meaning you leave with software tailored to suit you as best as possible.

Unlike many companies, we can cover all types of ECU tuning. There are two main ways of ‘chip tuning’, one is done through the OBD Port (on-board diagnostic) and the other is known as Bench Tuning. Bench tuning involves removing the ECU from the car and connecting to it directly with specialist equipment. This is a slightly longer process than OBD tuning, but the end result is the same with optimised performance from your vehicle being achieved.

What can you expect from our software?

Different engines see different gains and benefits from our software. We will be more than happy to talk you through how your car will respond to our work if you send a message through the contact page.  All we would need is your car registration and whether you’re looking for economy or performance software (or unsure yet – so we can give you all of the information you need to decide).

Generally, the effects of our remapping are:

– Improved throttle response

– Smooth, strong power delivery

– Improved all-round drivability, with useable power through a wider rev range

– Greater fuel efficiency under like-for-like driving

– Turbo lag reduced to a minimum

Again unlike many companies, we also offer before and after testing on our dyno to verify the gains from our software with a power graph printout of the results.

This is not essential, but we have the option there should you want to take advantage of it. In some cases, your car may be needed on the dyno for development purposes.

Additional Services

As well as tuning, we can also help with other aspects of ECU software. We also offer other ECU software, such as removal solutions for DPF and EGR System. Certain changes to your car will require software changes to ensure that you don’t end up with the car going into Limp Mode or putting on the Engine Management Light.

Here is a list of software services we offer:
DPF Removal (Diesel Particulate Filter)
– EGR Removal (Exhaust Gas Recirculation)
– Lambda/O2 Sensor Removal
– DTC Removal (Diagnostic Trouble Code – Fault Codes)
– Swirl Flaps Removal
– AdBlue Removal
– MAF Removal

Carbon deposits clogging up the inlet due to the EGR System

DPF that was gutted and then welded. The heat shield was put back around it for a factory look.

These are Swirl Flaps. If they fail, they can fall into the engine and cause terminal damage.