• DPF Removal Packages
    DPF Removal Packages
  • Bespoke Engine and Gearbox Software
    Bespoke Engine and Gearbox Software
  • State of the art tuning equipment
    State of the art tuning equipment

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Our ECU software remapping service covers almost all vehicles and offers amazing gains. Fully bespoke engine software for your vehicle will unlocks its true capabilities. Both Economy and Performance upgrades are available – or a mixture of both. 


Some Automatic transmissions can leave a lot to be desired. Our TCU Software Upgrades can improve shift speeds, paddle shift reaction times and improve torque convertor lock-up. This completes the full transformation alongside our ECU remap!


If you own a vehicle or fleet that covers a lot of miles, we can save you up to 20% on your fuel costs. Alongside the financial benefits, our software can also increase the hauling capabilities of your vehicle and improve driveability when loaded.


We offer DPF Solutions for almost all makes and models. So, if your DPF is blocked or you would like it removed to release more power from your engine – we can help.


If your car was not spec’d with the options you would have wanted from factory, it doesn’t have to stay that way. We can retrofit factory options to many cars, such as cruise control, multi-function steering wheels, DSG Paddles and much more. 


We take great pride in ensuring that our customers leave feeling fully satisfied with their experience with us. Click here to see what our customers have said about our services  

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